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How to use PVC wallpaper?

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PVC wallpaper is one of the most popular decoration materials in our lives, and the PVC wallpaper has a very good sense of layering, the color is also very pure, the matching is coordinated, the texture suppression is also very realistic, and the feel is also very good. The most important thing is that PVC wallpaper also has very good environmental performance, reliable temperature, and no health hazards to the human body.


  1. What are the preparations for using PVC wallpaper?

  2. What are the installation steps for using PVC wallpaper?

  3. What are the final steps for installing PVC wallpaper?



What are the preparations for using PVC wallpaper?

Step one: remove the wall

There is an important step before wallpapering, that is, to treat the base layer of the wall to ensure that it is free of dust, debris, etc. If there is a crack on the wall, it should be filled with plaster powder, and a bandage should be applied after leveling. If there is a partition wall or a sand-gray wall, glass cloth should be applied to ensure the wall is flat.

Step two: cut the PVC wallpaper

Cutting PVC wallpaper is an important part of the wallpaper. Before cutting, measure the height from the top of the wall to the skirting line, and then cut the PVC wallpaper on the ground. Do not cut the flower wallpaper by about 10 cm according to the height of the wall for top and bottom trimming; for flower wallpaper, consider the symmetry of the pattern, which requires more than 10 cm, and the flower should be aligned from the upper part. In addition, the cut wallpaper should be soaked in clean water for 10 minutes before brushing and pasting.


What are the installation steps for using PVC wallpaper?

Step three, brush oil and shave greasy

Brushing is to brush the alkyd varnish evenly on the wall, with a moderate thickness; to scratch, the wall is to sand the wall to make it smooth and flat. Brush the oil twice, brush once before the greasy scraping, and then brush again after the greasy scraping, to prevent the wall from absorbing the wall glue, so that the PVC wallpaper sticks more firmly and the wall is smoother.

Step four, brush the glue

Gluing is a key link in pasting wallpaper. To ensure that the pasting is strong, the back of the PVC wallpaper and the wall must be brushed. The glue should be evenly applied, and the brush should not be missed, and be careful not to wrap the edges or pile up to avoid staining. wallpaper. In addition, note that the glue on the wall should be 30mm wider than the wallpaper, and the back of the PVC wallpaper should be folded and placed for 5 minutes after the glue is applied to prevent the glue surface from drying out quickly.


What are the final steps for installing PVC wallpaper?

Step five, pasting

The principle of wall-papering is vertical first, then horizontal, first up and then down, first high and then low. When pasting the first piece of paper, find the reference line at the corner of the wall, smooth it with your hands from top to bottom, from the middle to the sides, and then scrape it with a scraper to make the PVC wallpaper and the wall feel firm. When the second wallpaper is pasted, stack 20 mm at the overlap of the first paper, use a wallpaper knife to divide the stack, remove the remaining part, and scrape it with a scraper. It should be noted that the glue squeezed out of the side of the wallpaper should be wiped off with a wet towel in time to prevent the wallpaper from turning yellow over time.


PVC wallpaper attracts consumers to buy with its unique characteristics. But the quality has a great influence on the experience of using PVC. Only by selecting the quality wallpapers, will there be high-quality services. To meet these growing demands, Shandong Max Decorative Material Co., Ltd. has various PVC wallpaper products and they are all more effective, reliable, and consistent.

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