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Childrens Wallpaper

Kids' wallpaper needs to work as both a design tool as well as a functional element. The right wallpaper models awaken joy and the playful instinct and can have a calming or motivating effect. They are a link between the external and the internal world of the child and promote creativity and support learning processes. Comfort and warmth are important factors for the room that children consider their safe haven. 

The findings of color psychology help when choosing specific colors according to their positive impact on children's creativity and their ability to learn. When deciding on the right pattern, the focus should be on the developmental stage of the child and his or her personal interests. The future belongs to our children - and today, they are so acutely aware of the current dangers to the environment that they have taken to the streets to fight for a healthy environment and climate protection. Environmentally sound wallpaper is produced from sustainable or recycled raw materials. Pesticides, herbicides and biocides are completely removed from the production chain, as are any chemicals that might be harmful to the water or the habitat of insects and wild animals.

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