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Why do we need PVC wallpaper?

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According to the material, PVC wallpaper is a good wallpaper. Since the PVC material entered the market, it has been used in many places, such as floors, hanging boards, etc. The ordinary adhesive film will fall off after one year of use, but the PVC adhesive film will not fall off after many years of use. At the same time, PVC wallpaper is also non-toxic and harmless and meets the requirements of environmental protection, so it is good to use PVC wallpaper.

  1. What are the advantages of choosing PVC wallpaper?

  2. Before buying PVC wallpaper, what should we first pay attention to?

  3. What are the conveniences of using PVC wallpaper?

What are the advantages of choosing PVC wallpaper?

1. In terms of visual effects: the 3D effect of PVC wallpaper is better. After embossing, PVC wallpaper can produce a strong three-dimensional effect, overcome the defects of pure paper material, and can produce many special patterns that pure paper cannot achieve, such as imitation wood grain, embossment, imitation tiles, etc. With a strong three-dimensional effect, PVC wallpaper is suitable for home interior wall decoration.

2. In terms of experience: It has excellent waterproof performance, can resist the erosion of grease and moisture, and is suitable for use in kitchens and bathrooms.

3. Compared with similar wallpapers: PVC wallpaper has exquisite printing, good embossing texture, better waterproof and moisture-proof than the same type of wallpaper, durability, and easy maintenance. Therefore, PVC wallpaper has become the most commonly used and most versatile wallpaper.

4. In practical application: PVC wallpaper is widely used in various household and commercial places. Its types include ordinary PVC wallpaper, suppressed foam wallpaper, engineering wallpaper, etc.

Before buying PVC wallpaper, what should we first pay attention to?

1. Formaldehyde in wallpaper base paper

Whether the PVC wallpaper is toxic or not depends mainly on the original paper itself. If the imported base paper is used, there is generally no staining.

2. The influence of monomer vinyl chloride

The coating of the PVC wallpaper is a high-molecular polymer. Under normal circumstances, the chlorine contained in it will not cause any impact on the human body. Only at high temperatures will the chlorine be released. At this time, the content will exceed the standard. If you suffocate indoors, you will die.

3. Heavy metals in printing pigments

Water-based pigments, water is used as a diluent, without any impact on the environment. Oil-based pigments, using ethyl acetate as a diluent, such as direct discharge, will pollute the environment. Excessive levels of heavy metals such as lead will be harmful to human nerves, internal organs, and skin.

What are the conveniences of using PVC wallpaper?

1. Anti-cracking walls painted with latex paint will generally crack in about two years. Especially in some dry cities. However, the wall can't crack when paving PVC wallpaper unless the wall is cracked as a whole.

2. Scrub resistance No matter how scrubbing the latex paint wall is, it can't be cleaned with wet towels, and PVC wallpaper has a waterproof film on the surface, and it can be cleaned with detergent, soft brush, etc. after it is dirty, which is very convenient.

After reading this article, I believe you have a comprehensive understanding of PVC wallpaper. Shandong Max Decorative Material Co., Ltd. is committed to the design and promotion of wallpapers for several years, and they can provide tens of thousands of wallpapers with different themes for you to choose from.

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