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What is the relevant information about PVC wallpaper?

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The PVC wallpapercan be pressed into a unique pattern according to the different textures you need, and then made by using processes such as drying, high temperature, and cooling. And the feel of PVC wallpaper is very good, and it is also very realistic.

What is the meaning of PVC?

What is the difference between PVC wallpaper and pure wallpaper?

How to maintain PVC wallpaper during use?

What is the meaning of PVC?

As a plastic product with huge global output, PVC is divided into two types of soft and hard PVC, which provide different choices for different use occasions. Among them, soft PVC is usually used as the surface material of floors and ceilings, while hard PVC wallpaper is more used in corrugated boards, door and window structures, and various chemical industry manufacturing. In addition, PVC wallpaper is also changeable. By adding different additives, the physical properties and mechanical properties of PVC can be changed, and it can cope with different use occasions.

What is the difference between PVC wallpaper and pure wallpaper?

1. Different production materials

PVC wallpaper is made by covering a layer of polyvinyl chloride film on the bottom layer of pure paper, which is made by laminating, embossing, printing, and other processes. Pure wallpaper is a kind of wallpaper made entirely of paper pulp. This kind of wallpaper uses pure natural pulp fiber, has good air permeability, and absorbs water and moisture.

2. Taste

Although PVC wallpaper is also a relatively environmentally friendly wallpaper, it is a kind of plastic wallpaper. Open the sample of the wallpaper, especially the new sample, and get close to smell the smell. The pure natural wallpaper exudes a faint woody scent, which can hardly be smelled. When it comes to smell, if there is a peculiar smell, it is not pure natural wallpaper, but PVC wallpaper can smell a smell.

3. Color

From the color point of view, the color pattern of pure wallpaper is more realistic, while the pattern of PVC wallpaper is not as realistic as pure wallpaper after a series of processes such as compounding.

How to maintain PVC wallpaper during use?

1. Wallpaper blistering: PVC wallpaper blistering is a common problem, mainly due to the uneven glue application when pasting the wallpaper, which leads to the shrinkage of the wallpaper surface and excessive water separation from the base layer in the later period, resulting in some built-in bubbles. The solution is very simple. Just take a general sewing needle to pierce the bubbles on the surface of the wallpaper to release the gas, and then use the needle tube to draw an appropriate amount of adhesive into the pinhole just now, and finally re-flatten the wallpaper and dry it. That's it.

2. Moldy wallpaper: Moldy wallpaper generally occurs in the rainy season and humid weather, mainly because the wall moisture is too high. The solution to the PVC wallpaper where the mildew is not too serious is as follows: use a white towel with a proper amount of water to wipe, or else wipe it with soapy water. The best way is to go to the wallpaper store to buy a special mildewcide.

3. Wallpaper warped edge: The warped edge of the PVC wallpaper may be caused by the unclean treatment of the base layer, the low adhesive strength, or the edge of the wallpaper covering the external corners is less than 2mm, etc. The solution: use the glue powder for the wallpaper and apply it to the roll. At the edge, smooth the warped area, blow with a hairdryer for about 10 seconds and then press firmly with your hands until it firmly adheres, and then blow it with a hairdryer until it is dry.

4. Scrub the PVC wallpaper: use a damp cloth or dry cloth to scrub the dirty place; do not use some colored raw materials to contaminate the wallpaper, otherwise it will be difficult to remove; wipe the wallpaper should start in some corners or hidden places behind the door, avoid An adverse reaction has caused the wallpaper to be damaged.

When there is a large amount of demand, it is easy to be mixed and be uneven in quality. Inferior PVC wallpaper is far inferior to good quality PVC wallpaper in terms of abrasion resistance and pollution resistance. Products made of low-quality PVC not only have poor functionality but also have a very short service life. Max wallpapers are known internationally for excellent quality, sophisticated design, and constant innovation of production technology. They can promise that all wallpapers meet various international standards. So rest assured to purchase!

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