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What do you know about wallpaper manufacturers?

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wallpaper is a widely used interior decoration material. From the material point of view, there are several kinds of PVC, paper pulp, wood pulp, silk, etc. The thicker the wallpaper does not means the better, mainly the raw material and the range of its use.

  1. What is the meaning of wallpaper?

  2. What is the production process of wallpaper?

  3. What is the recent development of wallpaper?

What is the meaning of wallpaper?

wallpaper is a kind of interior decoration material used for pasting walls, which is widely used in the interior decoration of houses, offices, hotels, hotels, etc. The material is not limited to paper, but also includes other materials.

Because of its variety of colors, rich patterns, luxurious style, safety and environmental protection, convenient construction, affordable prices, and other characteristics that other interior decoration materials cannot match, it has gained considerable popularity in developed countries and regions such as Europe, America, and Japan.

wallpapers are divided into many categories, such as covered wallpaper, coated wallpaper, embossed wallpaper, etc. Usually bleached chemical wood pulp is used to produce base paper, and then processed in different processes, such as coating, printing, embossing, or surface covering, and finally cut and packaged before leaving the factory. It has a certain strength, toughness, a beautiful appearance, and good water resistance.

What is the production process of wallpaper?

The main production process of wallpaper is as follows:

1. Original paper delivery

2. Coating

3. Dry

4. Cool

5. Printing

6. Dry between plates

7. Soften

8. Embossing

9. Cool

10. Cut ears

11. Material accumulation, inspection

12. Coiling

13. Packing

14. Storage

What is the recent development of wallpaper?

Due to the particularity of wallpaper, the choice of decoration color and style has become the keynote of the whole family, and the diversification of wallpaper completely conforms to the principle of "light decoration, heavy decoration" in home decoration, and is deeply loved by consumers. The requirements for home decoration are becoming increasingly fashionable and individual. wallpaper is highly regarded by many young people. However, due to the lack of relevant laws and regulations and the lack of industry self-discipline, there is a phenomenon of unevenness in the wallpaper industry. The diversity of wallpapers and people no longer pursue the unity of the wall, have created the development direction and prospects of wallpaper. How to face the development of the wallpaper industry and grasp the correct development direction is what every wallpaper manufacturer should understand.

The future wallpaper market will inevitably improve in the pursuit of quality and quality. Consumers’ pursuit of wallpaper substrates has been disapproved in the past few years and gradually recognized. For example, for things like non-woven fabrics and pure paper, the price of this wallpaper was considered too expensive and the cost too high in the early years, but from the past two years, consumers have gradually begun to pay attention to environmental protection and are more willing to choose this wallpaper. Types of products also pay more attention to their durability.

Wallpaper, as a new type of decorative material, has been widely welcomed in the market. Shandong Max Decorative Material Co., Ltd. was early founded in Shandong in 2015, committed to the design, production, sales, and import and export business of wallpaper. And, they will do everything possible to provide high-quality and inexpensive products.

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