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Maintenance of wallpaper begins with decoration

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Before the wallpaper construction, the wall must be kept dry. The new cement construction usually has to wait 20 to 40 days. It is best to coat the basement membrane and do a good job of wall treatment, so that the wallpaper can be laid. If the second-hand house is renovated, the gap in the wall must be filled, otherwise the wallpaper will be easily empty.

Wallpaper generally has a variety of patterns, when laying, we must pay attention to the pattern of two wallpapers, and check whether there are gaps between wallpapers, whether the patchwork is aligned. In addition, watering will wet wallpaper when laying and pasting, and shrinkage will occur after drying, so it is necessary to keep good expansion position. The contraction joint of the wall should not open to the windward port as far as possible.

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